As the Dark Awaits the Dawn
As the moon reflects the sun
until the night's decrease,
may we your healing light release,
living peace, living peace,
unto your holy dawn.

In Psalm 19 we read that the "heavens declare the glory of God." This is creation's good and true purposeā€”to glorify God through its very existence. As part of this good creation, we too are called to glorify God by living in accordance with God's vision of shalom. Wherever a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation breaks through and restores a relationship that has been broken for so long, we glorify the One who is the face of God's love. Wherever a spirit of peace reigns by putting an end to a vicious cycle of payback and revenge, we glorify the Prince of Peace. Wherever a spirit of hope sheds light into the darkest and bleakest of situations, we glorify the Light of the World. As we continue our waiting and longing for the Advent dawn, may our lives reflect the holy and healing light of Christ's presence in this world.

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