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Ezekiel 2:1-5

Ezekiel 2:1-5 Have you ever felt God calling or leading you to something that you weren’t sure how you were going to do? Perhaps it’s to start a food bank at your church or to share your faith story. It can be terrifying when God… Continue reading


“Grace is the overflowing favor of God, and you can always count on it being available to draw upon as needed. Prayer is the practice of drawing on the grace of God. Don’t say, ‘I will endure this until I can get away and pray.’… Continue reading

“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling,”

“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling,” Love divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heav’n, to earth come down! Fix in us thy humble dwelling, all thy faithful mercies crown. Jesus, thou art all compassion, pure, unbounded love thou art; visit us with thy salvation, enter ev’ry… Continue reading

“My Life Flows On in Endless Song,”

  “My Life Flows On in Endless Song,”   My life flows on in endless song; above earth’s lamentation, I catch the sweet, though far-off hymn that hails a new creation.   Refrain No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that Rock I’m… Continue reading

Mark 5:21-43 #2

Mark 5:21-43 #2 She snuck up behind Jesus and touched his cloak, saying, “If I but touch his clothes I will be made well.” There is a difference between a professional pickpocket and a desperate woman. The pickpocket slips by like a whisper and vanishes… Continue reading

If I am

“If I am devoted solely to the cause of humanity, I will soon be exhausted and come to the point where my love will waver and stumble. But if I love Jesus Christ personally and passionately, I can serve humanity, even though people may treat… Continue reading

Mark 5:21-43

Mark 5:21-43 Crowds swarm around Jesus as Jairus, the “leader of the synagogue” approaches. He cuts through the crowd and falls at Jesus’ feet, begging Jesus to come rescue his daughter from death. And Jesus responds immediately and goes with him. But what of the… Continue reading

2 Corinthians 8:7-15

2 Corinthians 8:7-15 “Now finish it!” Shauna painted with a team of high school missionaries at an orphanage in Mexico. They began together with paint, rollers, brushes and drop cloths, painting with gusto and enthusiasm—walls, ceilings, spiders, one another’s arms and faces. Two hours later,… Continue reading

Jesus did

“Jesus did not say ‘dream about your Father in secret,’ but ‘pray to thy Father in secret.’ Prayer is an effort of will. After we have entered our secret place and have shut the door, the most difficult thing to do is to pray. The… Continue reading

Psalm 30

Psalm 30 Can you dance like the psalmist? Our psalmist was apparently sick unto death, then experienced God’s healing touch. “You’ve turned my mourning into dancing again, you’ve taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy!” I once had a co-worker named Dave who… Continue reading