Monthly Archives: November 2016

Romans 13:11-14

Romans 13:11-14 In the midst of the city of peace, there, the thrones of judgment are set up, the thrones of justice. We can call them God’s mercy seat. The judgment that is uttered is one of mercy. God’s immeasurable goodness is revealed and shared… Continue reading

Psalm 122

Psalm 122   The city, the community, the gathering of God’s people, is known as a city of peace. It is from this place of peace that God’s word comes forth. And it is to this place of peace that our footsteps take us. This… Continue reading

Isaiah 2:1-5

Isaiah 2:1-5   Isaiah already announces this marvelous happening! God’s word, that is God’s manner of being present with us, will come forth from Jerusalem, from the city of peace! And God’s word is peace. This presence is one not of fear or anxiety but… Continue reading

“Savior of the Nations, Come”

“Savior of the Nations, Come”   Savior of the nations, come; virgin’s son, make here your home. Marvel now, O heav’n and earth: God has chosen such a birth.   Not by human flesh and blood, but the mystic Breath of God, was the Word… Continue reading

“O Lord, How Shall I Meet You”

“O Lord, How Shall I Meet You” O Lord, how shall I meet you, how welcome you aright? Your people long to greet you, my hope, my heart’s delight! Oh, kindle, Lord most holy, your lamp within my breast to do in spirit lowly all… Continue reading

Matthew 24:36-44

Matthew 24:36-44   The readings for the first Sunday of Advent all speak in some way about “that day”–about some time in the future for which we wait. Perhaps it’s a bit presumptuous to say that no one likes waiting; I know I don’t like… Continue reading

A Sacrifice of Thanks

A Sacrifice of Thanks     “He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23 Suppose a woman with arthritis in her hands embroidered a set of pillowcases for you… Continue reading

Romans 13:11-14

Romans 13:11-14   How many times don’t we ask “What time is it?” The question may be about an event close at hand and particular. But it may also be a question about the big picture–about matters of our lives and of the future. Advent… Continue reading

Psalm 122

Psalm 122   How would you characterize your deepest longing? Is there just one thing for which you really hope? The psalmist certainly offers a suggestion and a proposal. He thinks of a city–his home–and of a place where those who love him have their… Continue reading

Isaiah 2:1-5

Isaiah 2:1-5   “In days to come,” the prophet says as he passes on his captivating vision of the Lord’s word of promise. It’s all about anticipation and an invitation to share in the ways of peace that the Lord has in store for all… Continue reading