As the Dark Awaits the Dawn

As the Dark Awaits the Dawn
As the dark awaits the dawn,
so we await your light.
O Star of promise, scatter night,
loving bright, loving bright,
till shades of fear are gone.

It is an increasingly rare experience these days to find oneself immersed in enough darkness to be able to see the stars in the sky. More and more of us live in cities and towns where bright lights shine 24/7 upon our streets and buildings. In our homes, the glare of computer screens and personal electronic devices reflect on our faces as we keep ourselves busy with both work and play. We may hope these lights would shield us from experiencing darkness where fears and anxieties reside, but they also often keep us from seeing the Advent Star of promise. As we enter this season of Advent, we are invited to go "off the grid" for a timeā€”to enter the darkness that surrounds us and await God's coming. May this season rekindle our deep desire for the only true light that can scatter our fears.

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