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Luke 1:57-67 (68-80)

Luke 1:57-67 (68-80) The neighbors ask in verse 66, “What then shall this child become?” In his birth narrative, God has clearly set John apart. Zechariah’s prophecy sets the stage for John’s ministry. A Savior is coming in fulfillment of God’s promises and John will… Continue reading

Luke 1:57-67 (68-80)

Luke 1:57-67 (68-80) In our passage for today, God is breaking with tradition and doing something new. John’s birth breaks all of the rules. Not only is he born of an aged, barren woman, but also his name comes from outside his family. Elizabeth and… Continue reading

Acts 13:13-26

Acts 13:13-26 Paul begins his exhortation in Antioch with a story, proclaiming the history of the Israelite community from Abraham to John. While this story certainly has meaning to those in the Israelite community, what meaning does it have for the “others who fear God”… Continue reading

Be Not Afraid John Michael Talbot, go to U Tube

Be Not Afraid John Michael Talbot Psalm 107: “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he brought them out from their distress; he made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad because they… Continue reading

Psalm 141

Psalm 141 The words of Psalm 141 remind me of the service of Holden Evening Prayer. There is something unbelievably moving about a community coming together to pray. I first participated in Holden Evening Prayer during college. I clearly remember the dark, candle-lit chapel, the… Continue reading

Malachi 3:1-4

Malachi 3:1-4 Sometimes, it is all too easy for us to cry out for God’s coming. We yearn for God to come in power to save us from our fears, obstacles and enemies. We desire our own deliverance, and maybe even the judgment of others.… Continue reading

?Eternal Father, Strong to Save,?

?Eternal Father, Strong to Save,? In “Eternal Father, Strong to Save,” Whiting and Dykes musically convey this week’s Scripture texts about frightening, tempestuous, chaotic seas and God’s comforting presence, power and protection. Commonly known as the “Navy Hymn,” countless musical groups will likely perform it… Continue reading

“Jesus Calls Us, O’er the Tumult,”

“Jesus Calls Us, O’er the Tumult,” Remembering Jesus’ promise of God’s steadfast love and presence throughout my life’s turmoil gives me great comfort. However, I must also remember that Jesus calls me to love God steadfastly in return. Life’s tumult of cares often so completely… Continue reading

Mark 4:35-41

It is easy for us to dwell on our individual relationship with Christ. It is also common for us to focus exclusively on Christ’s presence in our “boat,” whether that is our congregation, culture or country. However, our boat is not the only vessel on… Continue reading

“All Things Bright and Beautiful”

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” For many of us, daily devotion time includes a short reading such as this and a rushed prayer, and then we jump to the next thing on our list. But not today. God has spoken to us all week about… Continue reading