Awake, My Heart, with Gladness

Awake, My Heart, with Gladness

God does not promise that we will not experience gloom and sadness. On the contrary, the path of discipleship is wrought with difficulty and, at times, suffering.

Yet Paul Gerhardt's gentle words suggest that God gives us a joy beyond affliction—something that cannot be easily dislodged by the vicissitudes of life. Because of what Christ has "won," the fortress of the heart cannot be taken by any foe, for the love of Christ has taken up residence there and cannot be supplanted.

The hope to which Gerhardt bears witness is durable. It is not fastened to our feelings or our doubts, but instead is rooted firmly in the action of God's own Son.

Christ, our hope is your love. Remind us continually that, though life may be difficult, your love will never depart from us. Amen.
Awake, My Heart, with Gladness
Awake, my heart, with gladness,
see what today is done;
now, after gloom and sadness,
comes forth the glorious sun.
My Savior there was laid
where our bed must be made
when, as on wings in flight,
we soar to realms of light.

Now hell, its prince, the devil,
of all their pow'r are shorn;
now I am safe from evil,
and sin I laugh to scorn.
For Christ again is free;
in glorious victory
he who is strong to save
has triumphed o'er the grave.

This is a sight that gladdens—
what peace it does impart!
Now nothing ever saddens
the joy within my heart.
No gloom shall ever shake,
no foe shall ever take,
the hope which God's own Son
in love for me has won.

Now I will cling forever,
to Christ, my Savior true;
my Lord will leave me never,
whate'er he passes through.
He rends death's iron chain;
he breaks through sin and pain;
he shatters hell's grim thrall;
I follow him through all.

Christ brings me to the portal
that leads to bliss untold,
whereon this rhyme immortal
is found in script of gold:
"Who there my cross has shared
finds here a crown prepared;
who there with me has died
shall here be glorified."

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