Category: The Word of the Lord

Isaiah 50:4-9

Isaiah 50:4-9 This passage is the third of the servant songs (Isaiah 42:1-4; 49:1-6) in Isaiah. In this song, the servant acknowledges God’s call to proclaim a sustaining word of hope to the Israelites, “the weary,” as they return from captivity in Babylon. In spite… Continue reading

Were You There

Were You There What’s this talk of trembling all about? Is it another version of fear-based religion? What is it to tremble? The French Jewish philosopher Jacques Derrida wrote, “I tremble at what exceeds my seeing and my knowing, although it concerns the innermost parts… Continue reading

Were You There

Were You There Were we there? Well, we probably don’t think so. We modern individualists don’t identify existentially with some concept of the human race as a singular entity. We are quite sure about when we showed up on this planet and that we were… Continue reading

John 12:1-8

John 12:1-8 Lots of things aren’t what they seem to be here. Judas would steal what he claims for the poor. The week that begins with a triumphal entry ends on a cross. As we join Jesus in looking to the cross, we know human… Continue reading

John 12:1-8

John 12:1-8 A few days before his crucifixion, Jesus looks to his dying, for he knows what is coming (cf. John 18:4). He defends Mary, who anoints his feet with costly perfume intended for his burial. How can he know what lies ahead? He will… Continue reading

Philippians 3:4b-14

Philippians 3:4b-14 In 1519, Martin Luther used an earlier passage in Paul’s epistle to preach a sermon on “Two Kinds of Righteousness.” The first, being clothed in Christ’s righteousness, really is first as Paul counts all else as loss, including his considerable record in terms… Continue reading

“Why sit we here until we die?” 2 Kings 7:3

“Why sit we here until we die?” 2 Kings 7:3 Dear reader, this little book was mainly intended for the edification of believers, but if you are yet unsaved, our heart yearns over you: and we would fain say a word which may be blessed… Continue reading

Psalm 126

Psalm 126 Every growing season, we anxiously await weather reports. Will there be the right amount of precipitation for the abundant harvest we seek? While most of us may live farther from the fields than the Old Testament people of God did, folk living on… Continue reading

Isaiah 43:16-21

Isaiah 43:16-21 Things happen with Israel’s God! The prophet recalls the Exodus, God’s revolutionary making of a way through the sea. The prophet warns against staying focused on the treasured resource of the past, for God is “about to do a new thing.” He speaks… Continue reading

There,s a Wideness in God,s Mercy

There,s a Wideness in God,s Mercy This is another song of praise for the abundant, amazing mercy and grace of God that welcomes us home with our brother and friend, Jesus. How wide is the mercy and grace of God? It is as wide as… Continue reading