Crazy Moments

Crazy Moments
by Joni
"Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar. In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror."
Isaiah 33:17-18
It's easy to lose sight of God. You get home late, you put on a casserole, but the phone rings and you forget about turning off the oven. Exasperated, you dump the casserole in the garbage. So you whip up something quickly only to have three out of five around the dinner table turn it down. And for dessert? How about refereeing a fight over who gets the last of the chocolate-chip ice cream?
God barely gets noticed during times like that. If we're thinking, we may quickly fire off a prayer for help. But we need more than that. We need to be driven to our knees by the overwhelming conviction that we have absolutely nowhere else to turn.
It takes crazy moments, times when you almost border on mental collapse, to force you to your knees to seek Jesus. Maybe you sing a hymn as tears splatter on the hymnal pages. Maybe you pray the Twenty-third Psalm over and over until your nerves quit jangling. Then, oh, the delicious calm that sweeps over you when all you see is the King in His beauty and an uncluttered landscape of peace. When your focus is fixed so on the Lord, those crazy moments fade into the background, just as today's reading assures.
Ah, but what about that late dinner and the failed casserole and the fight that spilled over into the evening? It hasn't changed. But your focus has. Be driven to your knees by the overwhelming conviction that you have absolutely nowhere else to go.
You are the Lord of my crazy moments, and I thank You, God, for allowing those nerve-wracking times. When they happen, it's Your way of reminding me to look to You, my King.
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