Day by Day

Day by Day

I can so relate to this, especialy after being on the road for a month.

A few days ago I met one of my best friends for lunch. We have been friends since we both enrolled as

freshmen at Augsburg College. Last year we celebrated together the 50th Anniversary of our ordination. We were both eager students and pursued graduate studies. Our bodies served us well as I worked for bricklayers and among other jobs he ran a fork-lift truck. We both had to work with our hands to hone the cutting edge of our minds.

I share this because now the times have changed. I had open-heart surgery a couple of years ago and he is recovering from serious back surgery. I used to have broadband memory; now I have dial-up, and the line is often busy. I used to jump into my sports sedan; now we maneuver with effort into our car seats.

At lunch we didn't dwell too much on our glorious past, and we didn't share the big dreams we used to talk about. We now live "day by day," as the hymn says. That is not all bad as we both realize that God's grace is sufficient for this day. On this week of reflecting on choices, we have chosen to live today with the confidence that God will ever hold us in God's hands. What's so bad about that?

Today we "seek your loving will to guide us" over the paths we struggle "day by day." Amen!

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