by Joni
"The ox knows his master, the donkey his owner's manger, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand."
Isaiah 1:3
When I was growing up upon a farm in the hills of Maryland, God used horses to teach me a few of life's lessons. Such as, my sister's two horses, Shotgun, and his best buddy, Reds. The goal in life for Reds was to weasel his way through the pasture fence, while Shotgun was content to remain behind.
Reds would find a way almost every night to escape through the fence. After a late-night phone call from the farm over the hill, my sister would have to climb out of bed and hunt down her horse with a flashlight -- usually finding Reds standing placidly on the yellow line of our country road, munching weeds and being target practice for oncoming cars. She'd lead him back, always finding Shotgun in the pasture, whinnying and waiting for his buddy to come home.
I've been like Reds. For the longest time I was restless, looking for life's loopholes to crawl through. But for what? Greener pastures? No, life's weeds. Shotgun knew his place behind the barriers. Unfortunately, Reds was relieved of his pasture privileges to spend his nights in the barn. If I wanted to be safe, I knew I had better learn a lesson from those horses!
Despite having an Owner and Master, the fact remains that we are not always content with God's control, or satisfied with His provisions. We sneak beyond the limits He has set for us. God has given us boundaries in our marriage, our friendships, and in our knowledge of evil. There are even borders for your desires and lines for your emotions. Stay within the boundaries God has placed around you.
Father, forgive me when I search all along the fence line of my thoughts for an escape. I want to stay behind Your fence of protection!
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