No One Cares As Jesus Cares

No One Cares As Jesus Cares
by Joni

"Oh Lord, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him?"
Psalm 144:3

No one ever cared for me like Jesus
There's no other friend so kind as He;
No one else could take the sin and darkness from me--
O how much He cared for me!*

Whether you are weak or strong, saintly or struggling, Jesus cares for you. I realize that you may be thinking, "Sure, Jesus cares for me in the general sense, and for the whole world, but when it comes to specifics, surely there must be others He is more interested in. After all, I can't pray out loud ... I have a hard time understanding the Bible ... I can't seem to shake bad habits. Yes, I know He cares but not as much as He does for more obedient types."

Not so. The Lord's care for you does not hinge on your hang-ups. His care for you has nothing to do with your baggage of personal problems. You could be a wimp when it comes to standing for the Lord, always getting distracted by everyday pressures. It doesn't matter. As a child of God, you matter. For you, dear believer, have the full force and undivided attention of eternal Love. Love that cares with no strings attached.

The Living Bible translates 1 Peter 5:7 as, "Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you."

What other friend is there who thinks about you every moment, every second of the day and night? What other friend is so jealous for your love and affection? What other friend forgives seventy times seven, and then some? Truly, no one ever cared for you as Jesus cares!

You are always thinking of me and watching everything that concerns me. I love You, Jesus!


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