O Christ, Our Light, O Radiance True

O Christ, Our Light, O Radiance True
Is there anyone who lives beyond the grace of God? While God may be the energy within every living thing, the source of love, and as close as our very breath, so many people feel only God's absence.

Some have heard Bible stories, attended worship services, been baptized or married in our churches, and yet have never experienced a sustained faith. Others know Christians from the soup kitchens we run as well as the leadership scandals that fill newspaper headlines and still avoid the church. Still others find a more helpful source of personal truth in scientific discoveries, in the alignment of the planets, or their own traditions and cultural rituals.

While we in the larger church seek faithfully to continue our mission, it's good to know our imperfect witness does not limit God's grace. As we celebrate the light of Christ this Epiphany season, we rejoice that God's Kingdom shines over all the world, bringing light, hope, peace, and healing to every living thing every day—noticed, named, celebrated or not.

O living God, you are indeed the light of the world. May we continue to bear witness with all the saints that the energy and power that sustains all of life begins and ends with you. Amen.
O Christ, Our Light, O Radiance True
By: Johann Heermann
O Christ, our light, O radiance true,
Shine forth on those estranged from you,
And bring them to your home again,
Where their delight shall never end.
Fill with the radiance of your grace
The wanderers lost in error’s maze.
Enlighten those whose secret minds
Some deep delusion haunts and blinds.
Lord, open all reluctant ears,
And take away the childish fears
Of those who tremble to express
The faith their secret hearts confess.
Lord, let your mercy’s gentle ray
Shine down on others strayed away.
To those in conscience wounded sore
Show heaven’s waiting, open door.
Make theirs with ours a single voice
Uplifted, ever to rejoice
With wondering gratitude and praise
To you, O Lord, for boundless grace.

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