“O God of Love, O King of Peace,”

"O God of Love, O King of Peace," ELW 749

O God of love, O King of peace,
make wars throughout the world to cease;
our greed and sinful wrath restrain.
Give peace, O God, give peace again.

Remember, Lord, your works of old,
the wonders that our elders told;
remember not our sins' deep stain.
Give peace, O God, give peace again.

Whom shall we trust but you, O Lord?
Where rest but on your faithful word?
None ever called on you in vain.
Give peace, O God, give peace again.

Where saints and angels dwell above
all hearts are knit in holy love;
oh, bind us in that heav'nly chain.
Give peace, O God, give peace again.

How we have messed up God's vineyard. Justice and righteousness were planted and a harvest anticipated. Instead war, greed and sinful wrath have choked out the better fruit. If Isaiah is right, the vineyard is a disappointment to the one who planted it.

Yet that one will not forget the plan and purpose of creation. The one who planted the vineyard and placed you and me in it will remember the ideas, the sketches, the promise that was so life giving. As the vineyard is restored, we are not rejected. Instead we are given the grace to trust in the one who restores the vineyard, the garden, the church, the creation. We are even given a task--to call upon the one who will make all things new, knowing that such prayers are never offered in vain.

The news stories occurring while I  am writing these devotions have been filled with stories of war, of violent death, of terror and of fear. Has it improved the week you are reading these words? Together, let us trust and pray.

Give peace, O God, give peace again. Amen.

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