O That the Lord Would Guide My Ways

O That the Lord Would Guide My Ways

Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways
to keep his statutes still!
Oh, that my God would grant me grace
to know and do his will!

Order my footsteps by your word
and make my heart sincere;
let sin have no dominion, Lord,
but keep my conscience clear.

Assist my soul, too apt to stray,
a stricter watch to keep;
and should I e'er forget your way,
restore your wand'ring sheep.

Make me to walk in your commands,
'tis a delightful road;
nor let my head or heart or hands
offend against my God.

Some hymns are great when sung along in a big group. Some can hymns can be hummed to ourselves while we think of the words. This hymn can work both ways. It kind of sticks in the mind.

The appeal to God for guidance is common in hymns, in the language of prayer and certainly the language of the Psalms. We often use the image of the road or path as a metaphor for life. The "road less traveled" by is a familiar reference to the American ear, in some sense referring to a personal sense of calling.

God's leading in our lives is not about achieving perfection or following all the rules. The good news is that we are not alone on the road. Sometimes the goal isn't some destination but the journey itself.

Lord, thank you for leading us and being with us on our life's journey. Show us also how we might join with others in their life journeys as well.

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