Do you ever just sit and ponder about what was and what is?

I do this quite often, as I seem to be doing this morning. I think of the times when I was very rebellious. I had been raised in the church, but I went to church just because I thought that was the thing to do. It made me feel good or that I had done the right thing. I didn’t give God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit much room to work in my life ( as if you need to). At this stage in my life I had some very close friends, especially two. I was a cabinet maker and did quite well, living in a nice house that I had done a good part of the work as well as to design it so that as I sat in my chair at the kitchen table I could look out over the lake across the street and watch the ducks, as we built on Lakeside St.

Come into my late 50’s God decided to knock me off my horse and lead me in a different direction. God would speck to me in the middle of the night with things and words that I would have to look up in the dictionary if I could get the spelling close enough to even find it. I would get up when ever this happened and go to my brother’s word processor and start typing with no spell check because God didn’t slow down for that stuff. You see I never finished High School, so my writing and spelling were very un-couth, is that a word? I have written pages and binders full of such teachings. To make this short, this lead on to me pasturing a church for 15 years as well as being a port chaplain for 15 years ( ministering to folks from all over the world) in which I retired from recently.

Back to the pondering. With this change in my life came the losing of those two best friends as they thought I had fallen off the deep end. My real ponder comes from whether or not to offer advice to others. As I have experienced in the past that giving advice to those close to you often leads to them doing the very thing you advised them not to do which pretty much turned out as I had thought it would. Just say’in. At this time I have kind of passed along some advice to someone close. And this is in the process at this time. So time will answer my pondering. It might be a number of years or not even in my life time. I do hope that my thoughts are wrong and that God will bless this situation.

Just a note; God has blessed me with a wonderful family, wife of 50 plus years, kids, grandkids and great grandbabies. Thanks be to a God of grace and forgiveness! ! !

A pilgrim in route, gentleben

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