Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow

Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
praise him, all creatures here below;
praise him above, ye heav'nly host;
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

This has been a good week, feasting on the Word. We have allowed the metaphors of salt and light to point to realities of the Spirit that are far beyond what mere words can describe. Many of you will have been to the Lord's Table to celebrate the saltiness of the Eucharist. Some may have even caught the excitement of baptizing a new light of the world. Whatever your experience today, it seems appropriate to sing the Doxology. "Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow."

Whenever I am asked to start singing the grace for the luncheon after a funeral, I usually blanche at first, because I know I will start off key. Then I remember the Doxology. Even musicians of my ilk can lead the tune of the OLD HUNDRETH.

Imagine that I am leading you today in singing, "Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow." This should embolden us this week to claim our inheritance of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

We praise you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen.

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