Thine the Amen

Thine the Amen

While I get the importance of a wedding or baby registry, I think that registries take some of the fun out of gift-giving. Then again, I really like surprises, at least ones wrapped in pretty paper. As I was growing up, there were a few years when my parents didn't hide my Christmas presents as well as they should have. While I still enjoyed getting them, it wasn't the same.

Seeing a wrapped gift and knowing it could be ANYTHING is terribly exciting, even now. It helps to know that the person giving the gift loves me and wants to see the joy on my face as I open it and catch my first glimpse of what's inside.

The beauty of this song is that all the "thines" that belong to God are actually a recital of God's gifts to US. The promise, the kingdom, the prize, the banquet, the splendor, glory, mercy, love—everything—is all ours. And that truly is the best present ever.

Giving God, I am in awe at your generosity, and full of wonder that you have given all this to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Amen.
Thine the amen Thine the praise
Alleluias angels raise
Thine the everlasting head
Thine the breaking of the bread
Thine the glory Thine the story
Thine the harvest then the cup
Thine the vineyard then the cup is lifted up, lifted up.

Thine the life eternally
Thine the promise let there be
Thine the vision Thine the tree
All the earth on bended knee
Gone the nailing gone the railing
Gone the pleading gone the cry
Gone the sighing gone the dying what was loss lifted high.

Thine the truly Thine the yes
Thine the table we the guest
Thine the mercy all from Thee
Thine the glory yet to be
Then the ringing and the singing
Then the end of all the war
Thine the living Thine the loving evermore, evermore.

Thine the kingdom Thine the prize
Thine the wonder full surprise
Thine the banquet then the praise
Then the justice of Thy ways
Thine the glory Thine the story
Then the welcome to the least
Then the wonder all increasing at Thy feast, at Thy feast.

Thine the glory in the night
No more dying only light
Thine the river Thine the tree
Then the Lamb eternally
Then the holy holy holy Celebration jubilee
Thine the splendor Thine the brightness only Thee only Thee.

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